Measurable Benefits:
  • Successfully transfer your business
  • Reduce individual & business taxes
  • Leave your business on schedule
  • Set up the business for renewal 
  • Create purchase scenario's
  • Increase family harmony
  • Keep the business independent
  • Increase your peace of mind
  • Create an ownership legacy 
  • Prepare for the next stage of life 
  • Eliminate owner burn-out
  • Streamline planning investment
You own a profitable business that has seen its share of growth over the years.  As a business owner, it has provided you identity, income, wealth, challenge and pride.  Maybe a bit too much challenge lately, but things are looking up.  While it has served you well over the years, what about the rewards you are expecting when you leave the business? 

All businesses engage themselves in some type of planning – strategic planning, profitability planning, operational planning, branding, and others. It may be rather straightforward or a series of complex discussions.  While done to reach different goals or outcomes, all of these are focused on the business. 

Exit planning is different.  While it is proactive like the other types of plans, it is different in that it is owner-based. It is based on the needs of the business as well as the goals of the business owner before he or she can leave it in style.  Generally, the owner-based goals fall into four broad categories:  planning for the needs of the owner, creating and preserving the value of the company, transferring control and ownership successfully, and meeting the security and personal needs of the family. 

Many business owners have worked with their accountant to minimize tax consequences; purchased insurance policies to mitigate risk; had their attorney draw up wills, estate plans and trusts to direct their intentions, and engaged business valuation professionals when required. 

The current approach may be satisfactory for some owners.  Others are looking for a way to re-build value in their business, provide legacy and security for their family, and watch as the next generation owner takes the business through the next phase of growth.

Exit planning is your opportunity to gain all of these benefits, as well as to prepare for the most significant financial decision of your life.

Exit Planning
"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning." 
            - Benjamin Franklin