The Center for Exit Planning & Succession is the business owner’s resource across Wisconsin and the Midwest.  Our partners have successfully assisted family and closely-held businesses to succeed for over 25 years.
Until now, the model for family and business succession has been broken, or at the least, not fully utilized.  Owners have received advisory services from individual firms, without an integrated plan, often paying a premium for some of what they have received.  That approach has led to a failure rate of 70 – 90%.  This is unacceptable to us.
Our firms expertise has now come together to create The Center for Exit Planning & Succession.  We offer a solution that is focused on your priorities, pulls the right services in to support your goals, manages the deliverables to an approved plan, grows the value of your business, and maximizes the chance for successful transition.
Contact us for a complimentary meeting to review your situation or to move through a targeted planning assessment.  Given your goals and timelines, we’ll illustrate how well you are prepared and what steps you still need to take.
Are you prepared for the most significant financial decision
of your professional and personal life?
Educational Seminars
We offer a variety of educational seminars to business owners and advisors throughout the year.